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"We will provide a cooperative learning environment that values all people. It will support life experiences involving risk taking and problem solving that will help us become life-long learners."

News you need to know:

School supply lists are located under the resources tab

Dates To Remember:


August 20th:  Student Orientation 9:00am - 11:00am and 6:00pm - 7:30pm

August  24th:  First Day of School

September 7th:  Holiday - Labor Day


How can students and parents prepare for the FSA and EOC exams? 

Students and parents can best prepare for the FSA exams by ensuring students are in class each and every day. Overall, students are working and studying very hard, asking questions in class and completing assignments. Parents are encouraged to stay involved in their child’s education by working with teachers and reviewing relevant websites and resources. It is important for all of us, parents, teachers, and staff, to encourage students to try their best, but to remember not to over-emphasize the assessments and create stress, fear, or frustration. For more test taking tips for parents, visit http://www.testtakingtips.com/parents/index.htm

Accessing the FSA Practice Test:

Log into the site: http://fsassessments.org/

After logging on to the website, look for the Students and Parents button:


After clicking that button you will then be led to the Student and Parent Resources and Training Test page. Click on Training Test:


You will then Navigate to the Training Test Page. There are 4 buttons at the top to choose from-click on “Take the Computer-Based Training Test”

This will take you to the Guest login page. Do not worry about either of the Guest User or Guest Session login boxes. They are to stay grayed out and checked. Click on the “Sign In” button:


Text Box: Click Here!  Text Box: Do Not Touch!  Text Box: Do Not Touch!


You will then select the appropriate grade level from the drop-down menu and click “Yes”:

Then select the appropriate test you wish to preview. Do not select the “FSA Infrastructure Trial Test”. I would suggest spending time looking at the “Mathematics Training Test”:




The next page will give you testing settings that your students will be able to choose from. We are encouraging the students leave this page alone. It would be best is they left the testing on “Black Text on White” . If you have a vision impaired student, you can select the text size here as well. If you have no changes, click “Select”:


They will then give you a confirmation page and you can click, “Yes, Start My Test”:

You will then see a Test Instructions Overview Page. Once you review this you can click, “Begin Test Now”:

You will then begin the Training Test. Please read each question carefully. There are questions with multiple answers, questions that require you to drag and drop items, questions that have multiple parts and questions that require you to create equations. After you select your answer(s), you can click the green “Next” arrow to go to the following question.


You can complete the test or stop at any time. You will not see results after you are complete, but the answers can be found on this page:


Then click on this button:


The 2014-2015 Griffin Elementary School Improvement Plan (SIP), Parent Involvement Plan (PIP) and 2014-2015 School Public Accountability Report (SPAR) is now available in the main office.  To request a copy, please call our office at (863) 853-6020 OR for your convenience, you may print a copy of any of these reports at home, by clicking the links provided on the Title I page.


Polk’s Educational Options include: Choice, Fine Arts, IB, Magnet, and Polk Career Academies.  Notification to all applicants begins in March.  Visit www.PolkEdOptions.com for more information.



bell schedule

In order to create uniformity throughout Polk County Public Schools, school bell schedules will change beginning in the new school year 2014-2015. Our new start time will be 8:00am and our new end time will be  3:00pm.

Arrival and Dismissal

  • Office Hours are from 7:45am to 4:00pm
  • Breakfast will begin at 7:45 am.
  • All students should be on campus and in classes by 8:00 am.
  • All car & day care riders will be dismissed at 3:00pm.
  • Walkers will be dismissed at 3:00pm
  • Bus riders will be dismissed as busses arrive.
  • No Students May be checked out between 2:30 to 3:00

Griffin Elementary music video 2013 from dawn sorrell on Vimeo.

Code of Conduct and Other School Policies

2014-15 Griffin Eagles

DRESS  FOR  SUCCESS! Student Success Begins with Appropriate Dress!


BOTTOMS: Navy, Black, or khaki/tan:

  • Shorts, pants, skorts, skirts, skirted jumpers
  • Must be plain, solid-color twill, corduroy or denim fabric
  • Traditional blue jean color is acceptable for denim
  • NO rips, tears, or designs permitted
  • BELTS (black or brown) are required for bottoms with belt loops
  • Shorts/skorts/skirts must be mid-thigh or longer
  • Bottoms must be appropriate size, with waist of the garment worn at the student’s waist

TOPS: White, navy, or red:

  • Must have long or short sleeves
  • Knit polo-type or woven dress shirts with collars, Griffin t-shirts, blouses, or turtlenecks
  • ALL shirts (including t-shirts) must be tucked in


  • Shoes must have enclosed TOES and HEELS & laces TIED
  • SAFE tennis shoes or athletic shoes are recommended
  • Flip flops, slides and sandals are NOT permitted
  • Shoes with wheels are NOT permitted
  • Tennis shoe BOOTS are NOT permitted

The Uniform Dress Code does not allow for clothing with colored trim, stripes, embroidery, decorations, etc. It does not provide for overalls (overalls with pants or shorts), sweatpants, knit pants, or leggings. Repeated dress code infractions WILL result in disciplinary actions according to the Polk County School Board Code of Conduct and/or low grades on the personal development portion of the report card.

For questions or concerns, please contact Griffin Elementary 863-853-6020 or refer to the Polk County School’s Code of Student Conduct.

The 2013-2014 Griffin Elementary School Improvement Plan (SIP), Parent Involvement Plan (PIP) and 2012-2013 School Public Accountability Report (SPAR) is now available in the main office. To request a copy, please call our office at (863) 853-6020 OR for your convenience, you may print out a copy of any of these reports at home, by visiting our Title 1 page and clicking the provided links.