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"We will provide a cooperative learning environment that values all people. It will support life experiences involving risk taking and problem solving that will help us become life-long learners."

Our Expectations

Our Behavior Support Plan (PBS)


PBS means Positive Behavior Support

Here at Griffin Elementary we make it a priority to help our students make the right choices to succeed during their school day by following our Griffin Expectations. Students recite them daily. The S.E.N. News Team uses video clips during the news show to teach the Keys to Character and reinforce the Griffin Expectations. Our teachers share children's literature and involve the students in role play activity to teach them. Teachers also have students write journal entries about examples of the Griffin Expectations.

We then reward positive behavior with "Eagle Bucks" and students get to "purchase" or "rent" a service or activity using their Eagle bucks. Our PBS Committee is already reporting that discipline referrals have decreased. The students are currently earning bucks to participate in a Spring celebration at the end of March as a reward for good behavior. Congratulations students!

Code of Conduct & School Policy

Code of Conduct Enrolling Students
Parent Guide Parent Involvement
Bullying Policy   Dress Code Information

Our School History

Initial Development

Griffin Elementary is one of the original "Strawberry Schools" in the Kathleen area of Northwest Lakeland. Although very few records exist, it is believed Griffin was established in 1900. Because of the harvest time for area strawberry farmers, children attended school in the summer so they could have off in the winter in order to help in the fields. The original school building burned down and the Main Building that houses the Library Media Center and Office was rebuilt in 1931.

Recent History

The cafeteria building was remodeled in 2006 to include a larger cafeteria, a staff lunchroom, and a larger stage area. The exterior of the building was resurfaced to match the brick of the original 1931 building. A news sound system was installed, and the school network was upgraded. In 2008, Griffin Elementary was awarded Historic Landmark status by the State of Florida.

In 2009, bathrooms were added to the PE field, and electrical and networking was expanded in the Computer Lab so 10 more computers could be added.

In 2010-2011 school year, 2 additional portables were added to our campus. Keep checking back to this page to see the updates and improvements to our historical school.