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Built in 1927, Inwood Elementary is proud to be part of Winter Haven’s Centennial Celebration. The school was originally built with three classrooms, and 2 teachers taught combined classes of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 5th, 6th grades. The rest of the school was comprised of an auditorium, clinic, eating area, and principal’s office. Since that time, Inwood has grown and expanded its facility to accommodate an average of 400 students (K-5) and 33 teachers. Our latest improvement – a brand new, beautiful cafeteria – was completed in time to be open for the first day of the 2012-2013 school year.

Despite great growth and advancements, Inwood Elementary is still a true neighborhood school. All of our students either walk, ride bikes, or come to school in cars, since we use no busses. As we celebrate 87 years of learning, Inwood Elementary is proud to be a vital asset to the city of Winter Haven, and we look forward to our 100th birthday!

At Inwood Elementary we believe:Inwood Elementary School

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Celebrating Literacy Day!                                                      

Students at Inwood Elementary really showed a love of reading when they took part in Literacy Day on Tuesday, Jan. 27. All classes were allowed to read their favorite books for 15-20 minutes, and by the end of the day they had logged an impressive 7,708 minutes school-wide!! In addition, students and their teachers picked a favorite book, and then decorated their classroom door to illustrate their choice.  Encouraging our students to love reading is a daily lesson at Inwood, and we hope they will enjoy reading for pleasure and knowledge all through their lives.





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SUPPLY LIST FOR 2014-15 SCHOOL YEAR                                               

New this year! We have added red as a new school color for tee shirts, and will have the new shirts with the school house logo for sale soon. The red shirts will be $7.00, and the original navy blue, hunter green, and white will be $5.00 - cash only, and please have correct change!

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To register your child with Polk County Public Schools, please click this link.

To find out about more upcoming events at Inwood, please take a look at our school calendar.


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