Faculty & Staff


Ms. Telay Kendrick

Assistant Principal
Ms. Tammy Epperson

Assistant Principal
Mr. Glenn Gardner

Assistant Principal
Ms. Dana Wiltrout

Dean of Discipline
Mr. Quinton Wilson

Dean of Discipline
Ms. Av Wright

Office Staff

Ms. T. Scott - Principal's Secretary
Ms. J. Boudinot - Guidance Secretary
Ms. S. Allen - Front Desk
Ms. L. Pittman - Terminal Operator
Ms. C. Wiggins - Attendance Secretary
Ms. M. Blakemore - Clinic Nurse 

Support Staff

Ms. S. Willcockson - Guidance 7th
Mr. A. Zamora - Guidance 8th
Ms. A. Douglas - Guidance 6th
Ms. L. Jones - Media Specialist
Mr. M. Ahlschwede - Network Manager
Ms. B. McClenahan - Testing Coordinator
Ms. D. Calabrese - Cafeteria Manager 
Officer Pacheco  - School Resource Officer 



Ms. E. Cotter - 6th Website
Ms. M. Williams - 6th Website
Ms. J. Kravcenko - 6th  
Ms. C. Williams - 7th Website
Ms. E. Brito-Sierra - 7th Website
Ms. M. Beagan - 7th Website
Ms. L. Hull - 8th Website
Ms. M. McClintock - 8th  
Mr. S. Bain - 8th  
Ms. M. Alcott - Intensive Math 7th  
TBA - Intensive Math 6th  
TBA - Intensive Math 8th  

Language Arts

Ms. E. Pascal - 6th Website
Ms. E. Davis - 6th Website
Ms. B. Wise - 6th Website
Ms. S. Battle - 7th Website
Ms. A. Davenport -7th Website
Ms. M. Anderson - 7th Website
Ms C. Miller - 8th  
Ms. L. Rodriguez - 8th  
Ms. S. Bonner- 8th  


Ms. S. Huber Website
Ms. R. Youngblood Website
Ms. K. McCarty Website
Ms. M. McGarrah  
Ms. W. Ramos  
Ms. S. Britt  


Ms. N. Case - 6th  
Mr. D. Sitta - 6th Website
Ms. J. Martin - 6th Website
Ms. M. Johnson - 7th Website
Ms. M. Reyes - 7th Website
Ms. L. Donker - 7th Website
Ms. R. Sizemore - 8th Website
Ms. J. Thomas - 8th Website
Ms. J. Vandergriff - 8th Website

Social Studies

Ms. T. Collins - 6th Website
Ms. L. Lassiter - 6th Website
Mr. J. McAnallen - 6th Website
Mr. C. Eden - 7th Website
Ms. S. Paolercio - 7th Website
Mr. J. Winters - 7th Website
Ms. A. Jaworski - 8th Website
Ms. A. Page - 8th  
Ms. E. Smith - 8th Website

Academy Electives

Ms. A. Hansen - Band  Website
Mr. D. King - Chorus/Drama Website
Ms. S. Montgomery - Orchestra Website
Mr. J. Walls - TV Production  
Ms. D. Ham - Visual Arts Website
Ms. R. Vazquez - Spanish  
Ms. Z. Vega - Spanish  
Mr. M. Simpson - Game Design  
Mr. M. Coker - Aviation/Technology Website
Ms. S. Huey - Business/Yearbook Website
Ms. J. Ivey - Business Website
Ms. C. Higgins - Medicine Website
Ms. E. Strong - Culinary Arts Website
Mr. M. Coombs - PE Website
Mr. C. Haldane - PE  Website
Ms. K. Trawick - PE  Website

ESE Teachers

Ms. B. Melson - Language Arts  
Ms. C. Jickell - Science  
Ms. R. Hoard - Social Studies  
TBA - Math  
Ms. P. Stewart - ESE Resource  
Ms. E. Phillips - InD ESE  


Mr. S. Barringer 
Ms. D. Hendrix 
Ms. V. Hillman 
Ms. K. Johnson
Ms. D. Reyes
Ms. M. Rozier 
Ms. K. Williamson