We empower students to develop skills necessary for success in the 21st Century through:
    - Improving academic achievement
    - Utilizing strengths to meet needs
    - Providing progressive academic and behavioral expectations
    - Providing social and emotional growth
    - Providing a safe, inclusive and accepting environment


Our mission at BDOC is to provide each student a structured learning environment which fosters academic growth while encouraging self-discipline, self-respect, and good citizenship.

General Information


Parents may sign a permission form for students to participate in mentoring programs during the school day; some activity may be offered during after school hours.

Anonymous Bullying Reporting

Harassment and bullying are serious and will not be tolerated. If you are a student, the parent/guardian of a student, a volunteer or visitor, and wish to report an incident of alleged harassment and/or bullying, complete this form and return it to the Principal at the student’s school.


All students at Bill Duncan Opportunity Center will receive a free Breakfast and Lunch.


Other Announcements/Resources