Special Programs


Aquaculture Site Under Construction

CLMS integrated a new and exciting program in the 2010-11 school year, Aquaculture, into our academic curriculum. This program features raising redfish from frye until they are ready to be released as a renewable resource for the State of Florida.

We will be using the by-products to grow and replenish part of the marine eco-system by raising red & white mangroves, and buttonwoods. We hope to integrate, through our engineering and Robotics programs, enough solar technology to provide sufficient electrical power to make our program even more sustainable.

This 2013-14 school year CLMS aquaculture classes were assigned a term project to choose an aquaculture species: Finfish, mollusk, plant or crustacean and research 16 different characteristics of their biology, ecology, culture and marketing, as they are currently studying the biology of aquaculture species.

Students were given ipads to create a 3 minute video presentation about their species to be presented to the class. One video, by Mackenzie Barber and Chris Heberling, was one of the best though many of the student groups produced amazing projects. Students got practice doing research of their topic on the internet, learned basic filming and editing techniques in iMovie and got a great opportunity to learn how to plan to complete a project within a given timeline as well as do a little public speaking.  Mackenzie and Chris are two students that are great examples of the initiative, imagination and dedication of CLMS students.


RoboticsRobots and robotic technologies have an intellectual and emotional appeal that surpasses any other type of engineered product. This appeal has attracted the inquisitive minds of children and young adults. These technologies represent a practical application of physics, computer science, engineering, and mathematics, and provide a very effective and flexible approach to demonstrate a range of engineering concepts. As a result, robotic technology and robots are being used by a growing number of educators at the college level to reinforce computer science and engineering theory, and to teach basic software and mechanical engineering at the grammar school, middle school and high school levels. For the younger learners, robots and robotic technologies offer them interest in the fields of science, mathematics and computer fundamentals, as well as teach them basic life skills such as: responsibility, problem solving, decision making, goal setting, self-esteem, logical thinking, sequencing, troubleshooting, modification skills, engineering basics and computer programming.

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Crystal Lake Middle School uses the LEGO NXT 9797 Education Kit to help Teach Robotics.

Instructional Television

ITV ProgramITV stands for Instructional Television.  This class is primarily focused on writing, producing, and distributing the daily news show at CLMS. We also compete in a countywide video competition every spring.  Students will receive the opportunity to work with professional level equipment and software.  This is truly a one-of-a-kind course.