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School History

Dr. Mary Bell Jewett

Dr. Mary Bell JewettDr. Mary Bell Jewett was born on February 28, 1858, in Ohio. She was from a family of nine children.

In 1876, she received her bachelor's degree in education from Buchtel College, now known as the University of Akron. After teaching for a short time, she entered Wellesley College in Massachusetts where she earned a post-graduate degree. Later, she moved to New York to enroll in the New York School of Medicine. Dr. Jewett completed her residency at the Philadelphia School of Medicine and afterwards set up medical practice in New York in 1897.
In 1910, she gave up her medical practice in New York to move to Florida where her widowed sister lived. She and her sister lived in a small community named Florence Villa. Dr. Jewett established a medical practice in Florence Villa and became involved in the civic affairs of this community with a great desire to help the mostly African American residents who lived in the community.

Dr. Jewett accomplished many things to help with the needs of those in the community. She was instrumental in starting the Winter Haven Women's Club, a library, the Central Park, purchased property near Avenue T for low-cost homes, and built a small training school. The school was built in 1924, but it was burned down about a year later. Dr. Jewett built another school near Avenues R and S.
Dr. Mary Jewett contributed much to the residents of her community of Florence Villa. She died at the age of 70 on February 5, 1928. In her memory, two schools now bear her name, Jewett Academy and Jewett School of the Arts.

Credits: The information above was summarized from an article written by Beverly Mercer Scott; "Quiet Hero," Her Voice; published by The News Chief; Nov./Dec. 2005.

Directions to Jewett Academy Middle

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Jewett Academy Planners

All students are required to have a Jewett Academy planner with them every day. All planners must be purchased at Jewett Academy. Note: Students are to write their assignments and homework in the planner daily.  If a student’s planner is lost or destroyed, a replacement planner must be purchased in the front office.  The student’s first period teacher must approve the purchase of a new planner.

Required Parent/Guardian Signatures

In accordance with Jewett’s Parent/Student Contract, it is the parent’s/guardian’s “responsibility to review, sign, and return all homework and communications when requested.”  In signing the contract, the student is acknowledging his/her responsibility to bring these items to the parent’s/guardian’s attention and follow through until the signature is acquired. 


All medications must be processed through the clinic which is staffed by an LPN. If a student needs medication during the school day, specific procedures must be followed. Please call the school clinic in advance at 291-5350 for an explanation of these procedures.

School Improvement Plan

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