Principal: Ginger Rosenau

Rosenau began her career in education in 1993 as a teacher for North Lakeland Elementary. In 2005, she became a teacher at Kathleen High in exceptional student education and varying exceptionality.

In 2006, Rosenau transitioned to administration as a dean, and has served as an assistant principal at Kathleen High School from 2008-2012. From 2012-2014 she was the principal of Kathleen High School.

This year we are excited to have Ginger Rosenau as Kathleen Middle School’s new Principal!


  Assistant Principal: Asonja Corbett


Assistant Principal: Nadia Lewis



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Dining Room/Food Service

  • Manager- Denise Abbey
  • Assistant- Arlene Richardson
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  • Assistant- Janet Crawford
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  • Assistant- Rose Tyer

Campus Maintenance Staff

  • Head Custodian-Rodney Jamerson
  • Custodian- Rosana Baptiste
  • Custodian- Damary Sanches
  • Custodian- Milagro Fernandez
  • Custodian- Hidel Collado

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