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KHS Alma Mater

So proud we stand, so firm so true
Our loyalty we pledge to you.
In this great land where men are free.
Where knowledge gives us liberty,
You, Alma mater are our destiny.
Oh banner wave in red and white,
Our symbol and guiding light.
Through all the years so proudly may you stand,
Hail, Kathleen, Kathleen, Kathleen!

School Hours

 Office Hours: 7:00 am to 3:15 pm

Student Hours: 7:00 am to 2:00 pm

Early Release Hours: 7:00 am to 11:50 pm

2014-2015 Bell Schedule



***During Summer Break the office hours are subject to change.    Please call KHS at  (863)499-2655 and schedule an appointment.

Visiting Our School

When visiting our campus, please check in at the Main Office and have proper identification. You cannot pick up a student, request any case-sensitive information, or visit a class without proper identification. This policy is for the safety and welfare of your student as well as staff members.

Prohibited Items

Students are not permitted to bring certain items on campus. These items include, but are not limited to head coverings, radios, CD players, MP3 players, electronic games, playing cards, laser devices, and beepers. If such items are being used-teachers may choose to confiscate the items, label them, and turn them into the main office for holding. Electronic items such as phone batteries, radios, electronic games, etc., will only be returned to a parent or guardian.

Enrolling Your Student

Prior to registering for classes, students must be enrolled at Kathleen High School. Enrolling a student at KHS means a student must have all enrolling paperwork completed, zoned for our school, and be activated on the computer system. Different situations require different information, so please visit the main office and follow the necessary steps.

Parents can apply online for Meal benefits for their student at the following website:  Family Application for Free & Reduced Price Meals

The following documents are required to enroll in a Polk County school:

  1. A certified birth certificate
  2. Immunization record (transferred to a Florida blue card)
  3. A physical dated within one year
  4. Two proofs of residence

The two proofs of residence must be from different categories, and show your name and physical address:

***No driver's license, personal bills, automobile registration, or insurance can be used.

Once the necessary documents are in hand, take all of them to the Main Office so that we can enroll your student as soon as possible. Not sure what school is in your zone? Search for Schools in Your Area here.

Please contact Pupil Accounting at (863)534-0716 if you have any questions.

Withdrawal from School

Students under 16 years of age must have a parent/guardian signature before they are allowed to withdraw from school. Students must return all textbooks and library books, and receive a withdrawal form from the main office. Records will be released to another school upon request from that school.

Riding the School Bus

Any student, who does not abide by the rules stated below, will be disciplined and may be suspended from the bus. Riding a school bus is a privilege, not a right.

  1. Stand away from roadway while awaiting bus.
  2. The emergency door must not be tampered with and must not be used for ordinary boarding and alighting.
  3. Keep arms and head inside windows.
  4. Wait for the driver's signal before crossing. Cross the roadway 3 or 4 steps in front of the bus.
  5. Please do not move within the bus while it is in motion.
  6. Outside of ordinary conversation, classroom conduct is to be observed.
  7. The driver and/or attendant are in full charge of bus and pupils. Pupils must obey driver and/or attendant.
  8. The driver and/or attendant have the right to assign pupils certain seats if necessary to promote order on bus.
  9. No eating, drinking or smoking allowed on bus.
  10. Pupils must be on time; ten minutes before bus is scheduled. The bus cannot wait for those who are tardy.
  11. Animals, pets, etc. are not allowed on bus.
  12. Students are to be absolutely quiet at railroad crossings.
  13. When you get up on a school day and the fog is thick; be sure to listen to the radio for any information regarding the school bus schedule. If no definite information is given by radio, go to your bus stop as usual and wait for the bus to arrive. While waiting for the bus, be very careful to stay away from the edge of the pavement to avoid being hit by a motorist who drives carelessly when conditions are unsafe. The bus will make the run even though it may not be on schedule.
  14. Remind your child to move away from the bus as soon as they disembark, never crawl under the bus for any reason.
  15. Students are entitled to bus Transportation from/to the closest stop located nearest their residence only.
  16. You may visit our website at to see if your child’s bus is delayed for any reason. Bus changes are announced over the intercom at the conclusion of every school day to all of the students, including our CFAA campus. Changes occur often; it is imperative that students listen for changes.

If a student is riding home with another student, they will need a note written and signed by their parent/guardian. The student must turn the note into the main office so that it can be verified and approved by school administration.