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  • 4/14 to 5/9- FCAT & EOC Testing / All grade levels
  • 5/1 & 5/2- USHER Music Leadership 101 Training / The training, led by college students, is a blended model that integrates technology with in-person activities and instruction. Addition information can be found in the Media Release.

Fine Arts Application 2014-2015


McLaughlin Fine Arts Academy is an arts integrated middle school for students in the Lake Wales area. The Fall of 2014, the school began auditions for accelerated course work in the areas of visual arts, theatre arts, dance and music for 6th through 8th grade students.

Students may audition for up to two of the following arts departments: band, chorus, dance guitar, strings, theatre arts and visual arts.

Please follow the procedures described in the following arts application.

2014-2015 Application & Audition Guidelines

USHER Media Information

Consent and Waiver's for Usher's New Look Launch at McLaughlin is Due April 28th. You don't want to miss The Launch on May 1st & 2nd here at McLaughlin!!!

Additional Info:

McLaughlin Registration 2014-2015



Book of the Month


"One for the Murphys"

Twelve-year-old Carley Connors can take a lot. Growing up in Las Vegas with her fun-loving mother, she's learned to be tough. But she never expected a betrayal that would land her in a foster care. When she's placed with the Murphys, a lively family with three boys, she's blindsided. Do happy families really exist? Carley knows she could never belong in their world, so she keeps her distance.

It's easy to stay suspicious of Daniel, the brother who is almost her age and is resentful she's there. But Mrs. Murphy makes her feel heard and seen for the first time, and the two younger boys seem determinded to work their way into her heart. Before she knows it, Carley is protected the boys from a neighbourhood bullly and even teaching Daniel how to play basketball. Then just when she's feeling like she could truly be one of the Murphys, news from her mother shakes her world.

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The American Medical Association has determined that bullying is a public-health issue with short and long term consequences for everyone involved. Click here to access the district website for the most current information, resources, and reporting procedures.


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