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Welcome to our R. Bruce Wagner Elementary website.  We hope you'll find this to be a valuable resource for information about our school.  Please check back often for the latest news and updates!   

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FCAT Testing

FCAT testing for our students in grades 3, 4 and 5 will begin next week. Teachers and students have been working hard in preparation for success. Please help your child get a good night's rest and a good breakfast.  Encourage them to do their very best! 

For the complete testing schedule, please visit our website at www.polk-fl.net.  Also, please be advised that report cards will be distributed on Thursday, April 17th – which is later than originally communicated – due to testing schedules.  Thank you for your continued support as we "Beat the FCAT!"

Pinwheels for Prevention

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.  To raise awareness of Child Abuse Prevention, you may spot blue pinwheels around our campus. 

Child Abuse is any act or failure to act that hurts a child. There are four categories of Child Abuse: Physical (unexplained bruises), Sexual (inappropriate touching), Neglect (failure to provide for the child’s basic needs) and Emotional (name calling and making threats). 

As a school we try to work together with our families to promote safe and healthy relationships between parents and their children. So, the next time you see a pinwheel, be sure to think about the awesome relationship you have with your family.

Spotlight on School Nutrition

What you eat or don't eat matters!  Throughout their childhood, your children's brains are developing.  Not choosing the right combination of food leads to poor nutrition and has a negative effect on brain function.  Starting your family's day with lo-fat or fat-free dairy, fruit and whole grains will put a better student in the chair for learning.  Students who skip breakfast not only develop poor nutrition habits, but their daily academic achievement and testing performance suffer.  Score big and go the distance with breakfast.

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