Evening Programs Schedule

Most programs begin August 15, 2016 through June 2, 2017 unless otherwise stated. Please check the Virtual Bookstore and Marketplace at http://ridge.textbookx.com for information about purchasing books.

Adult Education

Program Time Day
Applied Academics for Adult
5:30-9:00 Monday, Thursday
GED (East Area Adult School)
6:00-9:00 Tuesday, Thursday

Arts, A/V Technology & Communication

Program Time Day
Digital Design 5:30-9:00 Tuesday,  Thursday

Architecture & Construction Education

Program Time Day
A/C Refrigeration & Heating Tech 5:30-9:00 Tuesday, Thursday
Electricity 5:30-9:00 Tuesday, Thursday

Human Services Education

Program Time Day
Cosmetology 2:30-9:00 Monday thru Thursday
Cosmetology 5:00-9:00 Monday thru Thursday
Nails Specialty  5:00-9:00 Monday thru Thursday

Health Science Education

Program Time Day
Pharmacy Technician
5:30-9:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Practical Nursing 4:00-9:00 pm
(With extra clinical hours)
Monday through Thursday

Manufacturing Education

Program Time Day
Applied Welding 5:30-9:00 Tuesday, Thursday
Automation and Production
5:30-9:00 Tuesday, Thursday

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Education

Program Time Day
Automotive Service Technology 5:30-9:00 Wednesday, Thursday


The following programs will be added if enough students are enrolled.


Education and Training

Program Time Day
Teacher Assisting                             5:30-9:00 Tuesday, Thursday

Information Technology Education

Program Time Day
Network Support Services 5:30-9:00 Tuesday,  Thursday

Marketing Sales and Services

Program Time Day
Customer Service Representative 5:30-9:00 Tuesday,  Thursday

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Education

Program Time Day
Medium Heavy Duty Truck and Bus Technician 5:30-9:00 Tuesday, Thursday