Financial and Veterans Information

All students who wish to be considered for any type of financial aid must have a FAFSA (Free Application for Student Financial Aid) on file in the Ridge Technical College Financial Assistance Office. Please go to to apply online. Ridge Technical College Federal School Code is #015780 and our Facility Code is #18147110. For more information about financial assistance, please contact Bob Wetherbee, the Financial Aid Coordinator\VA Certifying Official or call the Center at 863-419-3060, Ext. 4106 or E-mail at

Financial aid is available at Ridge Technical College and is based on individual student need or merit criteria. The financial aid coordinator will help determine eligibility.

To access the Polk County School Board's Financial Aid please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions about FAFSA

FAFSA Question by Question Instructions


Financial Aid Includes

Florida Prepaid College Program

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program (Please click for more information)

Florida Academic Scholars Award

Florida Merit Scholars Award

Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award

Financial Aid Fee Revenue Scholarship (Ridge Scholarship)

Federal Pell Grants

Workforce Development (WIA)

Vocational Rehabilitation

Farmworkers Program

Veterans' Administration Benefits

Bureau of Indian Affairs



Polk County Opportunity Council (PCOC)

Business/Industry Scholarship

Other Scholarships

For more information about financial aid, please call the Center at 863-419-3060, Ext. 4106 or E-mail Bob Wetherbee, Financial Aid Coordinator and VA Certifying Official at

Veterans Approved Programs